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Welcome To Weirdmageddon :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 17 6
Undertale: Darker (Fanfic One-Shots)
Darkness. Frisk fell into the CORE, and saw only darkness.
And silence. But also whispers. But they also heard their own thoughts.
The feeling of stupidity from falling into the CORE.
Dark, darker... Yet darker. Frisk continued to fall.
They felt a bizarre feeling. As if their soul was leaving their body. Then suddenly, in front of their face,  appeared a familiar red heart. They reached for it, and grasped it with both hands. But then it shattered. Their own soul, shattered in their hands, yet they were still alive. Still alive... and still falling.
Frisk woke up.
They were in a room, filled with light and shadow, somehow at the same time. Nothing could be truly distinguished except for a staircase leading towards you.
"Child..." A voice whispered from the blinding shadows.
A figure walked down the stairs.
"-=Greetings, child. My name is W.D. Gaster. But you may call me Gaster.=-"
Frisk was terrified. This... monster was the only thing in focus..
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DLC Mii Fighter Recreations: Bayonetta :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 0 0 DLC Mii Fighter Recreations: Corrin (Female) :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 1 0 DLC Mii Fighter Recreations: Corrin (Male) :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 0 0 DLC Mii Fighter Recreations: Cloud :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 0 0 DLC Mii Fighter Recreations: Ryu :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 0 0 DLC Mii Fighter Recreations: Roy :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 0 1 DLC Mii Fighter Recreations: Lucas :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 0 0 DLC Mii Fighter Recreations: Mewtwo :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 0 0
Before The Legend - Bionicle 2015
The forge echoes with the clanging of a hammer to metal. Ekimu is at the anvil, working away on a new mask.  
"Brother, are you still awake? It's the middle of the night!" Makuta exclaims, rubbing his eye, catching his brother slightly off guard.
"I know but I haven't finished, and if the steel cools off now, it'll be useless!" Ekimu exclaims, with excitement to his voice, working away at the mask as if there was no tomorrow.
"Trust me, the villagers are gonna LOVE it." he continues.
"They always do..." Makuta replies, dissappointed.
"What do you mean?" his brother replies, almost shocked.
"The villagers, they always love your masks more! Your masks are always held in the light! Mine are cast aside, trashed without a thought. Left in the shadows... your shadow..." Makuta spoke bitterly, jealousy and anger in his voice.
"No, no... That's not true... Is it? I mean... my masks aren't always treasured over yours? Maybe it's that I'm wearing the Mask of Creation... so I'm naturally bet
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'This place is for the knacker's yard!' :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 3 0 Inklings Claim Their Turf -Smash Mii Project :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 0 0 The Danger that lurks Below :iconcheatster9000x:Cheatster9000x 1 0
Some Ideas I had for the future of Sm4sh
More customization for Mii Fighters:
-Custom Alt. Palletes: Up to 8
-Custom moves are shared between classes for more move combinations, with each class having 1/2 moves unique to them, overall 8/9 custom moves.
-Outfits are shared between classes, with stylised weapons (Inkling Swordsman would have an inkbrush, Link Gunner would have a bow, etc), with the default appearance if no suitable weapon exists.
-Customizable Final Smashes: each class shares all 3 Final Smashes, Gunner could use Brawler's FS, and vice versa, etc.
-Emblem Designer: instead of just using the basic smash ball logo, use simple shapes to create an emblem.
-Custom clear music: Pick from all of the clear themes in the game.
-Custom Roster: If you have 35+ Mii Fighters, clicking the Mii button will take you to a new page of Mii's, with a layout created under the custom tab
-Outfits based on fighters (Perhaps unlock through amiibo?)
-Outfits based on Assist Trophies
More Stage Builder options:
-Backgrounds from most, i
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Aftermath: Connecting the Dots between Bio G1/G2
After the final fight between Mata Nui and Teridax, Teridax was crushed by a planet, Mata Nui roams the Bionicle Universe, evil is vanquished forever, etc, etc, everyone is happy, the end. Except it isn't.
The Great Beings, seeing how ill-prepared the Matoran were against bigger threats, redesigned the Matoran Factory to build the Matoran as stronger, yet retaining their agility, which brings about the look of the "villagers". Any remaining Matoran are rebuilt. Okoto is Metru Nui, slowly reshaped over years, and renamed, as though to start a new legacy.
The Toa Nuva gain new apperances due to their Adaptive Armor still functioning, and adapting to the look of the new villagers, any other Toa remain as they are.
Ekimu was a noble, yet excellent mask-smith with an expert hand, heralding from the icy villages of Ko-Koro.  
Ekimu was hand-chosen by Artakha to bear the Mask of Creation when his eventual death came about. Makuta (who isn't related to Teridax in the slightest, there's ju
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United Kingdom
I do things relating to other things and I make stuff.
If you don't like the stuff I make, get out.
I make sprites... sometiiimesss...
I like things... like ponies, and Bionicle, and Sonic, and Ben 10, and LittleBigPlanet, and Bion- I already said that.

Contrary to my name, I'm not a hacker. I do mod games, and use cheats where possible (I.E cheat codes and the like)

So yeah.

I'm also incredibly good at creative writing.



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